Chiswick street unanimously rejects EV charging points

Image: Pleydell Avenue; Google Maps

All 30 households on Pleydell Avenue sign petition protesting EV charge points

Residents of Pleydell Avenue in Chiswick are up in arms over new parking restrictions introduced to accommodate Electric Vehicle (EV) charging bays. All 30 households on the street have signed a petition protesting the move, which they say has led to the loss of up to eight parking spaces for non electric vehicles.

The residents claim there was no consultation prior to the implementation of the new bays, despite the fact they pay for resident parking. Hounslow Council has initiated the scheme on a trial basis, aiming to collect feedback before making a final decision.

Their main grievance is that the restricted bays are now exclusively for EV owners during charging sessions, leaving other residents without parking space. With only two EV owners on the street, the situation has exacerbated the scarcity of parking.

Residents are demanding clarity on plans for charging points in nearby streets, arguing that these areas could accommodate the bays without impacting parking on Pleydell Avenue.

They say some parking spaces on the street are affected by aphid infestations, further complicating the situation.

There are also concerns about the ambiguous enforcement of parking regulations in the new bays, with residents worried about potential disruptions from night time charging activities.

Image: A Hounslow Highways worker repurposing a parking space to an EV charge bay elsewhere in Chiswick

Council to respond to petition “within a fortnight”

In a letter to Hounslow Council the residents say they do not have a problem with electric vehicles:

‘In the long term, residents should play an active role in the planning of EV charging infrastructure to ensure consensus and promote the adoption of EVs. Alongside public chargers, residents should have the opportunity to establish and utilize their own charging points.

‘This option is significantly more cost-effective, typically half the price of public chargers, and enables the use of electricity from solar panels, offering both the most economical and environmentally friendly solution.

‘We propose an alternative solution that would address the need for EV charging infrastructure without inconveniencing residents. There is ample space at each end of our street where electric charging posts could be installed without obstructing parking for residents.

‘This arrangement would allow residents with EVs to charge their vehicles while freeing up parking spaces in front of their houses for other residents.

‘Additionally, we believe that post chargers would be a more efficient and faster alternative to lamppost chargers, further enhancing the convenience of EV charging for residents.’

A Hounslow Council spokesperson said:

“The Council would like to thank the residents of Pleydell Avenue for their petition, which we have received. We will review this and hope to respond to them within a fortnight.”