Chiswick Swift Project

Swifts are exceptional birds. They make an astonishing 14,000-mile round trip from central Africa every year to nest here in small spaces hidden under our eaves or in other high-up nooks and crannies in our buildings. They come back in early summer to the same places each year – their home. But as we improve our homes with roof repairs and loft conversions, we also demolish their homes. As a consequence in London we have lost half our swift population in just the last 15 years.

The Chiswick Swift Project promotes ways to encourage nesting, especially in ‘swift hotspots’ – neighbourhoods where they are still nesting – by installing Swift Boxes in Chiswick. It’s run by Catherine Day, the RSPB’s representative in West London. Contact Catherine Day, Chiswick Swift Project.

Email: / Tel: 07981-195296.

Bridget Osborne spoke to field naturalist Brenna Boyle, who has set up the Chiswick Swift Project with local RSPR volunteer Catherine Day, to encourage people to put up swift boxes to provide them with homes so that they can mate. If once you’ve watched this video you feel moved to buy a swift box, you can get one from the Swift Conservation project.