Chiswick Through the Camera Lens 2019

Photography Exhibition

The Conservatory at Chiswick House, through the Wisteria, by Frank Noon

There are some fantastic photographers living in Chiswick: a surprising number of award-winning, internationally known professional photographers as well as keen amateurs who make Chiswick the focus of their pictures.

Chiswick Through the Camera Lens is a collection of work by photographers who live locally – portraits, landscapes and surreal creations – all shot in Chiswick, put together by The Chiswick Calendar. Since 2018 we’ve held a photography exhibition in April and May every year at the Clayton Hotel Chiswick. The exhibition is mounted in the atrium of the hotel, so you can pop in and see it at any time of day over a period of about six weeks. It was cancelled in 2020 because of the coronavirus epidemic.

See also Chiswick In Pictures, the annual art exhibition which The Chiswick Calendar organises for September and October at the hotel.

Chiswick Through the Camera Lens and Chiswick In Pictures are both sponsored by Snappy Snaps Chiswick, who offer a huge discount on printing, mounting and framing to artists taking part. Snappy Snaps and the Clayton Hotel Chiswick are both members of our Club Card scheme, offering discounts to our subscribers.

These are the photographers who took part in Chiswick Through the Camera Lens in 2019, each with one of their pictures.

Anna Kunst

Anna travels all over Europe as a professional photographer. Her images have been featured in publications such as Country Life, Absolutely Magazine and weddings magazines. Rarely seen without a camera, she also has a passion for landscape and street photography, and many of her pictures can be seen throughout The Chiswick Calendar website. Inspired by the riverbanks and parks of Chiswick, she chose the pier at Strand on the Green as her subject for the 2019 exhibition. See more of Anna’s work here.

Barbara Chandler

Barbara has been exhibiting her work for 20 years in London and abroad and has sold card and prints in outlets as diverse as Portobello Rd market and the Conran Shop. The photographs from her Love London show in 2008 were reproduced in a book of the same name and textiles bearing her prints are available at She also provides The Chiswick Calendar website with lots of lovely pictures and she also chose the river at Strand on the Green as her subject for this exhibition. See more of Barbara’s work here.

Frank Noon

Frank is a professional photographer best known for his portraits of celebrities and high profile events. He wasn’t able to come to the opening of the exhibition because he was off doing shoots in Jamaica and Dubai. When he’s here he takes pictures of Chiswick for fun. He has taken photographs for Chiswick House, Chiswick Business Park, The Clayton Hotel, The Chiswick Magazine, Chiswick Dog Show and the Bedford Park Festival.

Jacob Porritt

Jacob works in the music industry and has been a keen amateur photographer since he was a teenager. He took this photograph of Chiswick House with an infrared filter; the filter picks up on chlorophyll in organic matter giving the photo such dramatic colours.

Jon Perry

Jon has literally thousands of images of Chiswick taken over the years as an amateur photographer. He has recently turned professional. His work has been chosen for the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition and he has exhibited his photographs locally as part of Artists At Home open studios. His landscapes of Chiswick are well known to local people and many of them can be seen on The Chiswick Calendar website. See more of Jon’s work here.

Julia Fullerton-Batten

Julia is one of the leading fine-art photographers in the UK. She has won many prestigious awards and held exhibitions in Europe as well as Tokyo, Korea, China, USA and Peru and has a permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The compositions she showed in our 2019 Chiswick Through the Camera Lens exhibition were from her Old Father Thames collection, which has also been shown in New York and Poland. See more of julia Fullerton-Batten’s work here.

Keith Porritt

Keith works in the media and is a keen amateur photographer. He loves capturing mood and shape, as in this image of Dukes Meadows at dawn.

Kelvin Murray

Kelvin is an internationally awarded photographer whose commercial clients include a long list of household names, including British Airways, Sony and Sky. In 2019 he completed For the Love of Music – a series of photographs of young musicians photographed in their schools and homes, in the places where they usually practise. Locations include Chsiwick School and St Michael & All Angels Church. Pianist Omar is pictured. See more about For the Love of Music here.

Marianne Mahaffey

Marianne is is the photographer whose work established The Chiswick Calendar website as somewhere to see lovely pictures of Chiswick. She supplied the pictures for the first six months of the website’s existence, before moving out of London. An American originally from Texas, she fell in love with the intricacies of our Victorian brickwork.

Natalia Bobrova

Natalia is a photographer and painter. She studied history of art at the Moscow State Pedagogical University and oil painting at Ann Arbor Art School in the USA. She has been a member of Artists at Home since 2010 and shows her photographs and paintings in the open studios every year. It has been mentioned that Hammersmith Bridge is not actually in Chiswick, which is a fair point, but our borders are porous and our argument is that you can see it from Chiswick!

Richard Bradbury

Richard is a successful advertising photographer and past President of the Master Photographers Association. Shortly before our 2019 exhibition he had just won the Best Of Nations Award in the WPC World Photographic Cup with this picture of Georgia Bell, an athlete from Chiswick (pictured above).

Richard’s Children of London project raises money for Great Ormond St hospital with a glossy coffee table book of images produced each year. If you’re interested in your child being photographed for next year’s book, contact him at

See more about Richard’s Children of London project here.