Chiswick Tide Times

Today’s Predicted Tides

LocationLT TimeLT HeightHT TimeHT HeightLT TimeLT HeightHT TimeHT HeightLT TimeLT Height

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Strand on the Green

DateLT TimeLT HeightHT TimeHT HeightLT TimeLT HeightHT TimeHT HeightLT TimeLT Height
Tue 28 Nov2:49710:170.815:00722:170.9
Wed 29 Nov3:286.911:070.815:41723:061
Thu 30 Nov4:056.811:580.916:226.923:551.2
Fri 1 Dec4:396.612:40117:036.6
Sat 2 Dec0:361.35:146.413:171.117:446.3
Sun 3 Dec1:081.55:506.113:471.218:276.1
Mon 4 Dec1:331.66:285.914:101.319:175.9
Tue 5 Dec2:021.87:095.714:341.520:175.7
Wed 6 Dec2:4828:025.615:221.621:175.7
Thu 7 Dec3:432.19:355.516:281.622:135.8
Fri 8 Dec4:422.110:385.718:121.423:066
Sat 9 Dec5:451.811:33619:131.223:596.2
Sun 10 Dec6:441.512:246.320:051.1
Mon 11 Dec0:496.58:211.313:116.520:541
Tue 12 Dec1:376.79:191.113:566.721:430.9
Wed 13 Dec2:216.810:15114:416.922:320.9
Thu 14 Dec3:056.911:10115:27723:200.9
Fri 15 Dec3:506.812:070.916:147
Sat 16 Dec0:070.94:356.813:000.817:026.9
Sun 17 Dec0:5015:196.613:500.817:536.8
Mon 18 Dec1:311.16:056.514:380.918:466.7
Tue 19 Dec2:121.26:516.415:260.919:446.5
Wed 20 Dec2:561.37:446.216:20120:466.4
Thu 21 Dec3:431.48:486.217:16121:486.4
Fri 22 Dec4:381.59:586.218:11122:536.4
Sat 23 Dec6:131.411:106.319:071.123:586.4
Sun 24 Dec7:231.312:186.419:581.1
Mon 25 Dec0:576.58:191.113:176.520:371
Tue 26 Dec1:486.69:06114:086.622:151.1
Wed 27 Dec2:336.69:490.914:536.721:561.1
Thu 28 Dec3:146.611:150.815:356.722:451.2
Fri 29 Dec3:516.611:520.916:136.723:371.3
Sat 30 Dec4:236.512:320.916:506.6
Sun 31 Dec0:211.34:546.513:06117:266.5

Chiswick Mall

DateLT TimeLT HeightHT TimeHT HeightLT TimeLT HeightHT TimeHT HeightLT TimeLT Height
Tue 28 Nov2:3879:580.814:50722:050.9
Wed 29 Nov3:176.910:460.815:31722:501
Thu 30 Nov3:546.811:340.916:126.923:331.2
Fri 1 Dec4:286.612:13116:536.6
Sat 2 Dec0:101.35:036.412:471.117:336.3
Sun 3 Dec0:401.55:396.113:161.218:166.1
Mon 4 Dec1:081.66:165.913:421.319:045.9
Tue 5 Dec1:391.86:585.714:121.520:025.7
Wed 6 Dec2:2527:525.615:021.621:025.7
Thu 7 Dec3:202.19:215.516:091.622:005.8
Fri 8 Dec4:212.110:255.717:451.422:556
Sat 9 Dec5:311.811:22618:461.223:486.2
Sun 10 Dec6:321.512:146.319:391.1
Mon 11 Dec0:406.57:581.313:026.520:291
Tue 12 Dec1:276.78:551.113:486.721:190.9
Wed 13 Dec2:126.89:50114:336.922:080.9
Thu 14 Dec2:566.910:45115:18722:560.9
Fri 15 Dec3:406.811:390.916:05723:420.9
Sat 16 Dec4:246.812:310.816:536.9
Sun 17 Dec0:2515:086.613:190.817:426.8
Mon 18 Dec1:061.15:536.514:050.918:356.7
Tue 19 Dec1:481.26:406.414:520.919:326.5
Wed 20 Dec2:331.37:336.215:45120:346.4
Thu 21 Dec3:211.48:376.216:41121:376.4
Fri 22 Dec4:181.59:496.217:39122:426.4
Sat 23 Dec5:471.411:006.318:411.123:476.4
Sun 24 Dec6:581.312:076.419:371.1
Mon 25 Dec0:466.57:571.113:066.520:211
Tue 26 Dec1:376.68:48113:576.621:451.1
Wed 27 Dec2:226.69:330.914:426.721:441.1
Thu 28 Dec3:036.610:480.815:256.722:301.2
Fri 29 Dec3:406.611:270.916:046.723:171.3
Sat 30 Dec4:136.512:050.916:406.623:551.3
Sun 31 Dec4:446.512:38117:166.5

These tide tables use local clock times, GMT or BST according to season. The heights are those of the same tide at London Bridge in metres above chart datum. Note that the times and heights in the tables are predictions that may be varied in practice by the weather and by the fluvial (fresh water) flow coming downstream from the upper Thames.

Don’t get caught out by the tide

It sometimes takes visitors by surprise how big the tidal range is at Chiswick – over five and a half metres – and because of the shape of the tidal river the tide takes twice as long to go out as it does to come in. People are often amazed at how quickly it rises.

The RNLI has a lifeboat station in Chiswick, which is the second busiest in the whole of UK and Ireland. Former lifeboatman David Clarke says the crew often find themselves rescuing people cut off by the tide.

Read his blog here: Tideway Tales

RNLI Chiswick say the water on this stretch of the Thames is particularly tricky:

“The tidal cycle on the upper tideway is very different from the coast. The flood tide takes only four hours, while the ebb tide takes eight hours. This means that the tide rises very quickly and has resulted in many people being cut off by the tide on the foreshore and on islands. The asymmetric cycle also means that flood tide current can exceed 4 knots.

“There are also very unusual conditions after prolonged periods of heavy rain in the Thames catchment. The current on the surface runs downstream even when the incoming tide is making the river level rise. This means people parking close to the river mistakenly believe the tide is going out and water levels are falling. Chiswick lifeboat crews have attended many flooded cars over the last 20 years.

“A third anomaly occurs when the Thames barrier is raised to keep out surges in the North Sea; then there is little change of water level and tide tables become irrelevant.”

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