‘Chiswick Underground’ video

A group calling themselves ‘Chiswick Underground’ has made a video which they hope will make us all more community minded this Christmas. Featuring local food banks and community projects, they ask that you watch it and share it. Watch the video here

Food Bank needs drivers

As the video says, some 18,000 people have found they have needed to resort to using Hounslow Community FoodBox in Brentford this year, twice the number of people who used them last year.

In Chiswick our nearest food banks are:

Hounslow Food Box
Brickfield Community Centre, Brickfield Close, Brentford TW8 8JN.
Tel: 07718 263614
Website: hounslowfoodbox.org.uk

Hammersmith and Fulham Food Bank
67 Studdridge Street, SW6 3TD
Phone: 0207 731 3693
Website: hammersmithfulham.foodbank.org.uk

Both need money, volunteers and food donations. Hounslow FoodBox has also recently been appealing for drivers:

‘We are in urgent need of drivers that can pick up fresh food deliveries during the week and drop into Foodbox HQ in the evenings. We struggle to get fresh food for those in need because of a shortage of drivers.’ Petrol and mileage paid.

The regular food items they require are: Tinned potatoes / Tinned meat – casseroles, corned beef, ham / Tinned Fish- tuna, salmon, sardines / Tinned vegetables- sweet corn, peas, carrots, beans / Pasta sauces- Tomato sauce / Tea / Coffee / Sugar / Cereals / Jams / Preservatives / Small cooking oil / Tinned soup / Baked beans / Rice / Flour / Tinned custard / Rice Pudding / Tinned fruit / Squash / Long life milk

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