Chiswick voted for Sadiq Khan in the Mayoral elections

Image above: London Mayor Sadiq Khan; photograph courtesy of the BBC

The breakdown of how people voted in London’s Mayoral election shows that the people of Chiswick voted for Sadiq Khan. Chiswick swung to Sadiq Khan, giving a Labour candidate the majority after the final runoff in its four wards, for the first time since 2004.

The voting figures for the Mayoral election shows Khan won a majority of 54.2% votes in Southfield, 52.8% in Turnham Green and 50.6% in Chiswick Homefields. In Chiswick Riverside Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey won 50.5% of the first and second preference votes. Overall the Mayor won 51.6% of the Chiswick vote with an 8.2% swing.

Khan was behind after the first preference votes, but saw second preferences, almost all from the Greens and the Liberal Democrats, split 3:2 in his direction. This followed the trends in London as a whole where the Mayor did much better in second preference votes than Shaun Bailey, with Green-voter second preferences in particular splitting more than 6:1 in his favour.

Although Bailey did better than expected, he only achieved a 2% swing away from Khan, who won the second highest majority of the six mayoral contests to date, topped only by his previous win. In Chiswick the last three contests have seen a steady move to a Labour mayoral candidate.

Image above: graph showing the final runoff results for the four Chiswick wards in the last three mayoral elections (source, GLA)

Reduced majority for Conservative candidate in SW London GLA seat

The GLA constituency elections, run on a first-past-the-post basis, saw the Conservative candidate getting the highest vote in all Chiswick’s wards. However, the Tory vote fell compared to 2016, never capping 35% and with less than a 5% difference to the second-place Labour candidates in three of Chiswick’s four wards.

In local elections the three LB Hounslow wards consistently vote Conservative and Southfield ward in LB Ealing votes Lib Dem.

For next May’s Borough elections, the Mayoral election results suggest a tightening of the contests in Chiswick, especially for the new Gunnersbury ward that adds a slice of a Labour ward in Brentford, west of the Park, to the existing Turnham Green ward. Certainly these results put all the political parties on notice that the outcome of the upcoming elections in Chiswick can no longer be treated as a foregone conclusion.

If you’d like to see the detail of the breakdown of voting in local wards, you can see it here:

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