Chiswick’s Conservative councillors demand rethink on Grove Park LTN decisions

Image above: Signage for the Grove Park traffic measures

Call-in will consider whether correct procedure was followed in implementing Grove Park LTN

Conservative councillors on Hounslow Council have requested a ‘call-in’ of the most recent decision on traffic measures in Grove Park, officially requesting the decision be reconsidered.

The call-in, signed by Chiswick’s eight Conservative councillors, requests a sub-committee of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee consider whether correct procedure was followed.

The Cabinet meeting of 18 April decided to abandon a proposal to reopen access at Burlington Lane, which Leader of the Conservative Group Peter Thompson welcomed in the meeting, but both the Conservative group and the Grove Park residents group are still unhappy with various aspects of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood restrictions.

They say the decision-making process was flawed due to inadequate consultation, absence of evidence upon which to base the decisions, and a lack of proportionality to the desired outcome. They want the measures implemented by the Cabinet Member responsible for transport, Cllr Katherine Dunne, to be rethought.

The call-in has been set for Thursday 4 May, and a panel of councillors will hear it. They may endorse the Council’s decision, refer the decision back to the full Council or ask the decision maker to reconsider.

Image above: Conservative Group Leader Peter Thompson

South Chiswick traffic measures have “undermined community cohesion” says Conservative Group Leader

Councillors argue the council’s consultation with residents has been “totally inadequate from the very outset.” The call-in submission goes on to argue there was an absence of adequate evidence on which to base decisions to make current schemes permanent. It states that data regarding improvement in air quality and increases in numbers cycling and walking in the area are marginal and statistically insignificant.

The Grove Park Group issued a statement after the council decided not to proceed with a proposal to reopen access through Burlington Lane, saying that the Council’s Leader, Cllr Shantanu Rajawat, aspires to being a ‘listening’ Council but continues to allow his Cabinet and Officers to obfuscate and delay. They urged Councillor Rajawat to assert his leadership now and resolve this once and for all.

Peter Thompson, Councillor for Chiswick Riverside and leader of the Conservative Group on Hounslow Council, said:

“We know that the so-called South Chiswick traffic measures are divisive and have undermined community cohesion, but they were also based on inadequate consultation, poor data and are totally disproportionate to the desired outcomes.”

Cllr Thompson also said the schemes have caused great distress to residents and businesses caught up in their complicated regulations.

The sub-committee will be made up of a cross-party panel of councillors who will decide whether the correct processes were followed by the Council when making these decisions.

Hounslow Council has not commented on the call-in.

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