Chiswick’s Crêpeaffaire closes

Image above: Crêpeaffaire on Wednesday 7 February

No notice, except a notice from the landlord posted on the door

Chiswick’s branch of Crêpeaffaire has closed permanently.

The local branch of the international business, which provides freshly made crêpes, waffles, coffees, smoothies and milkshakes, has been closed since January.

A notice in the window states the landlord re-entered the premises on Friday (2 February). It says the building is no longer associated with Crêpeaffaire, but furniture from the business remains inside.

Crêpeaffaire did not issue a statement about the site’s closure. Some branches are run directly from the company’s headquarters, while others are run by franchisees.

The branch is Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, which is run centrally, has been getting enquiries about the closure of the Chiswick branch, but the manager there told us the Chiswick branch had been run as a franchise, so he had no further information about it.

The site’s landlord agency Equivo has been approached for comment.

Crêpeaffaire has recently entered a partnership with Tesco, offering space for concessions in its bigger branches. They started with one in Borehamwood for a trial period last August, so it may be that the company it shifting its focus away from the high street and towards bigger sites.