Image above: Cake stall at a Jubilee street party in Chiswick; photograph Jennifer Griffiths

Chiswick’s Jubilee weekend – Street parties

The first street party I remember was for the Silver Jubilee (1977). I think I wore velvet loons and a purple floppy hat with an Indian silk scarf. I don’t remember going to another one for decades.

They have become more popular, or at least more frequent since the pandemic, when streets set up whatsapp support groups and socialising outside in a neighbourly way became more of a thing.

Never let it be said that Chiswick residents can’t throw a good street party. Here are a few pictures from the Jubilee weekend 2022. Just check out these cakes!

Silver Crescent – Pictures by Jennifer Griffiths

Images above: Street party in Silver Crescent; photographs Jennifer Griffiths

Burnaby Gardens – Pictures by Ollie Mathews

Images above: Burnaby Gardens street party; photographs Ollie Mathews

Spring Grove – Pictures by Ollie Mathews

Images above: Spring Grove street party; photographs Ollie Mathews

Whitehall Park Road – Pictures by Ollie Mathews

Images above: Whitehall Park Road; photographs Ollie Mathews

Grove Park Terrace – Pictures by Paul Harrison

Images above: Grove Park Terrace street party; Grove Park Road double-decker bus bookended street party; photographs by Paul Harrison

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