Chiswick’s new entertainment venue

When St Alban’s Church on South Parade was rescued from the prospect of redevelopment as flats, the argument put forward was not that Chiswick needed another place of worship, but that the space would be an asset for the community as a whole.

A huge effort has been made to raise funds to renovate the building over the past couple of years and that is now bearing fruit. Last weekend the church’s new stage and lighting rig was put to use for the first time for the production of Ebony Scrooge, the Street Dance version of Scrooge, featuring street dance crew I.M.D. Brilliant performances from the dancers, aged between 8 and 23.

The high energy production, choreographed by Omar Ansah-Awuah and produced by James Narh and Rhian Williams was sold out all three days. It’s a pity they didn’t have a longer run as they could have sold out several times over, but I look forward to more productions from James and Rhian’s company If this one was anything to go by they will bring a breath of fresh air and something of interest for the area’s underserved youth.

Photograph above – ‘Tiny Tim’ in December 2018 production of ‘Ebony Scrooge’. Video below – the Ghost of Christmas Present.