Covent Garden Fishmongers

Know your Baerii from your Oscietra (or just ask Garry!)

This festive period, Covent Garden Fishmongers have a lovely selection of Baerii and Oscietra sturgeon caviar, lobsters, crab, oysters, langoustines, sea bass, fresh carp (an Eastern European Christmas speciality).

Also in are some big fat juicy king prawns, and possibly the finest Goldstein smoked salmon you will ever taste.

They are well-stocked but will start to run out, so to avoid disappointment, they politely request orders are placed by Wednesday 21st.

Seafood Platters

Garry prepares wonderful seafood platters, with each making a sumptuous feast for two or a starter for four. All that is needed on your part then is a bottle of wine and some lovely buttered bread for a fantastic evening.

The platters come on a big tray with a fitting clear dome lid. They consist of a whole lobster halved and cracked; a whole crab halved and cracked, cooked king prawns, cooked langoustine, mussels, winkles, whelks, small prawns, brown shrimps, scallops, clams and of course oysters.

If the platter is to be consumed on the day of purchase, Garry will open the oysters for you. If you plan on eating it the next day, you will need to open the oysters yourself but he will patiently coach you through an easy way of doing this without hurting yourself.

If there is something you’d rather not have, it can be left out or swapped for something else. The size of the platters can also be increased to feed more people and completely customized to suit your needs. Simply give them a call to get this organised.

This regular platter (pictured) costs £60.

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