Mari Deli, Chiswick Mall

Image above: Father Christmas has arrived this year at Mari Deli to fuel up ahead of present deliveries to children around the world

Italian dishes cooked with heart, soul and passion

Mari Delicatessen, the Italian café and deli on Chiswick Mall, has been delighting local residents since 2017. Everything on the menu is freshly cooked on the premises by Mario and his Mamma Maria, originally from Naples.

And now that Father Christmas has made a pit-stop in Chiswick Mall, he’ll no doubt be fuelled up and hopefully able to move after he’s stocked up on some Italian favourites:


A brioche with sultanas, candied fruit and citrus peels, traditional to Lombardy and Piedmont, has become a symbol of an Italian Christmas. There is a certain meticulousness when going about choosing Panettone – the quality of the ingredients and the right production techniques can produce really delightful varieties! This year, Mari Deli have assembled a range from Pasticerria Gallo and Pisti.

Save 15% on Homemade Panettone + Prosecco or Artisan Panettone and Franciacorta Antinori (usually £59.50).

Go homecooked

Mamma and Mariano can help you with your Christmas party by putting together a bespoke menu. They are offering 15% off Parmagiana and Lasagne (usually £42) if ordering for a minimum of six people.

Club card holders can enjoy a special rate of £35 for a four-course Christmas menu for a minimum of eight.

Italian wine

Need a healthy supply of Italian wine for all your party needs this Christmas and New Year? Pop in to the shop and expect frank recommendations. Enjoy 10% off their in-stock wine range.

A good deed this Christmas?

If you do take a photo of their fantastically decorated classic automobile outside the shop, they have requested a donation to be made to St Nicholas Church for urgent repairs.

Mari Deli & Dining are members of The Chiswick Calendar’s Club Card scheme.

Mari Deli’s Club Card offer


1a Eyot Gardens, on the corner of Eyot Gardens and Chiswick Mall
Hammersmith, W6 9TN
Tel: 0207 041 9251