Cllr Hanif Khan selected to fight for Labour in Chiswick Gunnersbury

Image: Cllr Hanif Khan, LB Hounslow Cabinet Member for Transport

“Community values are essential to me”

Cllr Hanif Khan, Cabinet Member for Transport at LB Hounslow has been selected by the Labour Party to stand for election in Chiswick Gunnersbury ward in the May elections against Conservative councillors Joanna Biddolph, Ranjit Gill and Ron Mushiso.

The ward they currently represent, Turnham Green, has been enlarged to include Gunnersbury Park and renamed Chiswick Gunnersbury ward.

As Cabinet Member for Transport at LB Hounslow, Cllr Khan has led the changes to traffic systems, overseeing the introduction of Cycleway 9 and Low Traffic Neighbourhood systems, including the closure of Turnham Green Terrace to through traffic for several months, which was eventually scrapped.

To those who oppose the traffic changes, his selection is like a red rag to a bull.

“I am proud to have been selected as one of the three prospective Labour Party candidates for Chiswick Gunnersbury Ward in the forthcoming Hounslow local government elections on 5th May 2022” said Cllr Khan.

“I will actively campaign for the residents of Chiswick Gunnersbury.”

“Community values are essential to me. I was born in Hounslow, live in Heston with my family, have grown-up children, and an elderly father in his 80s that our family takes care of. I am also a proud young grandparent. I know of some of the problems that being a carer in a multi-generational family brings.

“Transport issues are at the forefront of my Agenda for Change, ensuring that the trains are frequent and affordable. I believe in creating the best public transport system we can get and providing a good option for active travel and safety on our network. When I travel into London to work, I leave my cycle at Gunnersbury Station. In Chiswick Gunnersbury, we live on one of the main arteries into London and onto Inner London.

“The local cycleway 9 has had its challenges, but vulnerability and disability access issues are being addressed. I will move these issues forward.”

Khan’s selection “a kick in the teeth for residents” says Cllr Ron Mushiso

Image: Cllr Ron Mushiso

Conservative Cllr Ron Mushiso, who was elected for Chiswick’s Turnham Green ward for the first time in 2018 and will be standing again in Chiswick Gunnersbury, told The Chiswick Calendar he was delighted Hanif had a seat to campaign for.

“But I think it’s a kick in the teeth to residents who he had not listened to, to now come begging for their vote.

“He showed a complete lack of interest in what residents of Chiswick thought and now comes looking for their support.”

“I will make a difference” says Cllr Hanif Khan

Cllr Khan was not chosen for reselection in Hanworth Park, which one senior figure in the Labour party told The Chiswick Calendar was down to him being “the wrong sort of Muslim”, ie. not the same sect as the majority of Muslims in Hounslow Labour Party.

He said:

“I am a strong, effective councillor who stands firm and will be a powerful voice in Chiswick Gunnersbury. I am currently a councillor in the West of the Borough and have been a Cabinet Member for six years. I will make that experience count for residents.

“I passionately believe in getting more affordable social housing, giving people a voice, reducing litter, the impact of anti-social behaviour on our communities in the Borough. I will make a difference.”

The biggest frustration of Chiswick’s Conservative councillors is that despite their hold on Chiswick, they have no power over what is decided because the whole of the rest of the Council, bar one other seat in Feltham North, is Labour.

Agenda for Change

Cllr Khan said:

“From my personal experience caring for my elderly father and a regular commuter, social care and social mobility are important factors in creating a vibrant society and equal opportunity.

“Greening, the environment, staying healthy, active travel, walking and cycling are part of that transformational shift put forward by Labour. Also, I will campaign for the London Living Wage to be a realistic hourly rate for doing the job being done by so many.”

I will start my Agenda for Change by:

• Better greener, healthier and cleaner Hounslow.
• Continue to improve the services and prosperity of Hounslow and build council homes to support them in their time of need.
• Our high streets are the heart of every community, and we are proud of our record and I will continue to support the bold plans.

The other two candidates selected to stand for Labour in Chiswick Gunnersbury are Uday Nagaraju, a founder director of  global public policy thinktank AI Policy Labs and Emma Yates, whose previous political experience includes working for Robert Evans MEP.

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