Community defibrillator installed at The Elder Press Cafe

Image above: Lindsay Elder and John Renard at the unveiling of the defibrillator at The Elder Press Cafe

Life-saving device installed “hopefully never to be used”

A community defibrillator has been installed at The Elder Press Cafe in Black Lion Lane, after one of the cafe’s regulars suffered a heart attack.

John Renard went into cardiac arrest 100 yards from the Hammersmith cafe after a regular Saturday morning 10km run by the river in August 2019. He says had it not been for one of his fellow runners providing immediate CPR, and the emergency services getting to the site within six minutes with a defibrillator, he would not have survived.

The cafe, on Chiswick Mall, is the running group’s regular meeting place for a post-run coffee as it is close to the start and finish of their weekly run.

As there were no public access defibrillators close to where John fell ill, or along the towpath, John and his running friends agreed with the Café’s owner, Lindsay Elder, to raise money to get a defibrillator for her café.

The fundraising took place over spring as organisers worked with the specialist national charity The Community Heartbeat Trust, who have installed hundreds of defibrillators across the country.

“They could not have been more helpful and guided us on what defibrillator to get and how to commission it” said John. The defibrillator is now installed in the courtyard at The Elder Press Café, the details have been added to the National Defibrillator Database and it is active, “hopefully never to be used” John added.

Image above: John Renard (centre) and The River Runners at the start of their fundraising.

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