Computerised chaos

I went for an outpatient appointment at West Middlesex hospital yesterday.

Back in May I’d seen a consultant, who referred me for tests and suggested I come back to see him in August.

On the day of the appointment I received a text half an hour before I was due to leave (having come back from holiday specially) to say they’d made a mistake and my consultant wasn’t working that day. 

I saw him in October (the next earliest appointment). He referred me to his colleague for a second opinion.

That was yesterday’s appointment. I rocked up and, imagine my surprise when I found myself directed to sit outside the office of the same doctor. 

“Didn’t I refer you to doctor B?” he asked. “Yes” I said. “He doesn’t work here on a Monday” said doctor A.

“It’s chaos” he said. “Ever since they computerised the appointment system, the whole thing is complete chaos”.

My strong advice to you, should you also have an appointment at West Mid, is to ring up, several times, and check that the person you think you’re going to see is actually working on the day of your appointment.

Or that illusory appointment may be this year, next year, some time or never!

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