Conservative wins London SW seat

The Conservative candidate Nicholas Rogers has won the London SW seat on the Greater London Assembly. He will now represent LB Hounslow, Richmond upon Thames and Kingston upon Thames on the GLA.

Speaking soon after his victory was announced, he said:

“I want to thank the voters for placing their trust in me as their Assembly Member. Our three boroughs represent the finest that this city has to offer, and I will fight my hardest to make South West London the best it can possibly be.”

“It is the honour of my life to have been elected to serve the finest area of the greatest city in the world. Thank you to everyone who voted for me – your support is deeply humbling”.

The final vote tally was tighter than expected, with the Liberal Democrats’ candidate, Gareth Roberts, coming in second with 61,222 votes, more than doubling their vote count since 2016. Nicholas Rogers’ final vote tally was 69,212 votes.

Labour’s candidate, Candice Atterton, came third with a total of 56,945 votes.

Mr Rogers is originally from Kent and has been living in south west London for six years, in Surbiton. His husband’s family are from Kingston.
He works for Network Rail as an incident controller. “I deal with any sort of accident, incident, emergency, anything like that that goes wrong on the railway network”, he told The Chiswick Calendar’s Matt Smith before the election.

“I’m a quite old fashioned person in some ways because I believe in public service. I feel if you have something to contribute you should step up and do so.

So I see standing for the Assembly as a way that I can use my real life experience in the railway and being a former special constable, being a community campaigner, I see the Assembly as being a good way to use those skills to step up and make our community in south west London the best it can be.

“One of the main things I want to achieve is improving public transport and I want to use my experience to give me a sort of informed voice on that thing. In Chiswick that would mean, for example, fighting to get full service on the Piccadilly Line at Turnham Green which is I’m sure you well know is a massive issue to anyone who commutes in Chiswick”.

Talking about his campaign platform with Matt, he said:

“I also want to help reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and that’s using my experience as a former social constable to make sure that we have proper community policing and that the police are active and visible and out there in our neighbourhoods.

“I’m also keen to make sure that new development is appropriate as well. There’s been some, certainly in Hounslow borough, there’s been some examples of quite poor development so I think we need to make sure new development is beautiful and appropriate.”

The GLA plays an oversight role, with powers over transport, policing, economic development, and fire and emergency planning. Its 25 members act as a watchdog for London, holding the Mayor and their advisers to public account.

The London Assembly also holds TfL to account and reviews its budget and performance. And it reviews the Mayor’s transport strategy, recommending improvements and monitors its delivery.

Matt asked Mr Rogers what, realistically, he thought he could achieve as an Assembly member. This was his answer:

“It’s a scrutiny role, but I think being an assembly member is a unique role because you’re kind of pitched above the local, below the national and it gives you a platform and that’s the main thing, it’s how you use that platform.

“I would use that platform to be a champion for local communities. To engage in local issues, maybe issues which might be outside the remit for an assembly member but if they’re important to local people then I would be getting involved with them.”

When he spoke to Matt during the campaign, he promised if he won he would be “active, visible and present in the lives of our communities here in south west London.”

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