Consultation launched for restoration of Promenade Approach in Dukes Meadows

Image above: Artist’s impression of the proposed plans

Restoration of promenade final piece in ‘masterplan’ for area

The Dukes Meadows Trust has set its sights on restoring the iconic Promenade Approach as part of its ongoing dedication to enhancing the riverside area. The Trust, which hopes to revive the historic walkway, has invited local residents to take part in a consultation on the proposed rejuvenation.

Originally established in the 1920s to facilitate access for the burgeoning workforce employed in the nearby Thames-based light industries, the Promenade Approach, starting from Edensor Road, has weathered over time. Falling into neglect through the 1980s, recent efforts have seen the Trust successfully raise over £1 million for area improvements. The grand iron gates at the Approach Road’s entrance were recently restored using money raised by the Trust.

Chairman of the Trust, Paul Davis, heralds the proposed plans for Promenade Approach as the final piece completing a masterplan initiated back in 2003. The comprehensive masterplan has witnessed the planting of an orchard in 2003, the construction of the paddling pool and playground in 2007 and 2010, as well as the introduction of hedgerows, coppices of trees, and a newly planted avenue of lime trees across the years.

Image above: Artist’s impression of the proposed plans

The Trust has secured an initial stage pass for a Thriving Communities Grant amounting to £200,000. Although, there are no guarantees, and further fundraising may be needed.

Paul Davis said:

“The restoration of the park is a terrific achievement by the community. Strong community leadership and involvement, through input into designs and regular volunteering has been a key feature of the project and made the improvements sustainable. We are delighted to see continued involvement from people who have supported the trust in its work since the initial stages of the masterplan.

“Tibor Babic, who was involved in creating the initial design brief while in primary school, produced the visualisations for the latest project plans. Tibor now works as a landscape architect at Dar Al-Handasah and will be supporting the consultation events.”

The plans and an online consultation survey are on the Trust’s website. See Promenade Approach Consultation.

The plans will also be on display outside Chiswick Pier House on Saturday 13 January and at the Trust’s Farmers Market on Sunday 14 January. Both events will take place from 11am to 1pm. The Trust welcomes feedback on the plans.