Continued lockdown ‘ridiculous’ or sensible?

Images above: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan; Bell & Crown pub at Strand on the Green shut up for the lockdown

There has been a sharp drop in new coronavirus cases in London.

The number of new cases hasn’t been reduced to zero, as has been widely reported. There may have been no new cases recorded for a whole 24 hour period, in the middle of the week, but apparently that wasn’t a true reflection of the rate of infection, it was merely a reflection of the way in which the statistics were recorded. That hasn’t stopped newspapers such as the Telegraph seizing on the ambiguous figures as evidence that the lockdown should end.

‘London has no new Covid cases, so why are we retaining this ridiculous lockdown?’ wrote Ross Clark in the Telegraph yesterday. ‘What are we waiting for?’

London’s Mayor still “very cautious”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan says he remains ‘very cautious’. He told the BBC’s Today programme yesterday:

“I’m still very cautious, the virus is still out there. My fear is that this good news could lead to complacency, which could lead to a second wave that would overwhelm the NHS and be really bad for people’s lives, but also their livelihoods.

“We’ve got a small window now to be testing everyone that has got symptoms, to be tracing everyone they have been in contact with over the last few days and then to make sure they are tested, isolated and supported”.

Later in the day he told the London Assembly that he would decide next week whether face coverings should become mandatory on public transport.

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