Cork Blimey!

28 October, 2020 / by Matt Smith

Images above: Kate Church posing with her sculpture, Kate’s love heart cork sculpture 

Art comes in many forms. It can be anything from a beautiful painting to an orchestral symphony… or a giant love heart made entirely out of used wine corks!

Kate Church, a first-time sculpture artist based in London, discovered over lockdown she had been inadvertently collecting wine corks, after finding 25 of them in a drawer in her house (something I think a lot of us can relate to).

Having worked in TV for 20 years, and working as an architectural interior designer after that, she isn’t exactly a novice when it comes to being creative, but this is the first time she has created a ‘work of art’ in the literal sense.

Kate thought about how each cork represented the many wonderful conversations that she had with family and friends over a bottle of wine. Each one, she said, held special memories and because of the many unique and intricate pictures on the corks, and were quite beautiful in their own right. This gave her an idea:

“I contacted all of my community in W4 via social media, Whatsapp, Nextdoor, and asked people to give me their used wine corks that they’d collected over lockdown.” she told The Chiswick Calendar.

Kate managed to scavenge around 5,000 corks, which she then used to build a three dimensional love heart in order to raise money for the NHS. The sculpture itself is quite large, measuring at around two cubic metres and is suspended from a rig which holds it upright.

A moment shared, a memory savoured

Images above: Kate in the process of gathering wine corks

Inspired by the extraordinary spirit and resilience displayed in recent months, Kate made it her mission to create a community memento of the lockdown period.

“These lockdown conversations were part of the way we as individuals, families and as a nation coped. They demonstrate our resilience and sense of community. Each cork symbolised a moment shared, a memory savoured.”

To her, the heart conjures up the resourcefulness and resilience of society. The shared experiences of neighbours, families and individuals during an unprecedented moment in history (or perhaps it shows that we all have a terrible alcohol problem).

The heart has been on display in Pot Pourri for the last few months whilst it was being built, and got a little bit of exposure during the first Chiswick Flower Market.


The heart’s initial fundraiser raised £1,576.10 which surpassed the £1000 target. Now, Kate is looking to keep the ball rolling and to commercialise the heart in order to continue to raise money for the NHS.

“It has its own website, and people want to hire it! So far, two brides have said they want to hire it, nothing is confirmed yet they’ve just expressed an interest, a wine merchant also expressed an interest too.”

If you’d like to hire the heart, Kate asks that you pay £80 for transport and then pay a “suitable donation” to the NHS fundraiser (£50 for each day that it’s hired, though she is open to negotiate price if you’d like to keep it for longer).

If you’d like more information about the heart, or to contact Kate about hiring it you can follow the link below:

You can find the heart’s fundraiser for the NHS by clicking here.

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