Coronavirus deaths in Chiswick

The Office of National Statistics has published a map with a breakdown of deaths from Covid-19 by local area. In the period from 1 March to 17 April there were 21 Coronavirus deaths in Chiswick – that is to say, deaths where Coronavirus was the underlying cause or was mentioned on the death certificate as a contributory factor.

The ONS has broken down the map of England and Wales into areas which have a similarly sized population, so for example there are six units which cover the Chiswick area, whereas just one unit covers a vast tract of Dartmoor. The six units of Chiswick break down as follows:

  • Chiswick South West, 3 confirmed deaths (total deaths during this period – 15)
  • Chiswick South East, 3 confirmed deaths (total deaths during this period – 10)
  • Chiswick Park, 6 confirmed deaths (total deaths during this period 9)
  • Chiswick North West, 4 confirmed deaths (total deaths during this period 8)
  • Bedford Park, 3 confirmed deaths (total deaths during this period – 8)
  • Chiswick North East, 2 confirmed deaths (total deaths during this period – 12)

The area described as ‘Chiswick Park’ includes most of the High Rd, from Chiswick roundabout to Turnham Green Terrace, including the Chiswick Business Park. Figures exclude the deaths of non-residents.

Poorest areas the worst hit

To put this in the context of the rest of the country, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 90,232 people died in England and Wales between March 1 and April 17, of which 20,283 were from Coronavirus (26,771 Coronavirus deaths across the whole of the UK). The ONS figures include all deaths everywhere – hospitals, hospices, care homes, private residences, all locations.

London had the highest proportion of deaths, with 85.7 Covid-19 deaths per 100,000 population between 1 March and 17 April. This is significantly higher than any other region and almost double the next highest rate. The local authorities with the most deaths were all London boroughs, followed by the West Midlands, North West and North East. In the week ending 17 April, the Coronavirus accounted for more than half (55.5%) deaths in London (or was a contributory factor).

As has been widely reported, the figures show the virus has killed twice the number of people in poorer areas as it has in wealthier areas. Looking at a comparison of London boroughs, Hounslow has had 69 deaths per hundred thousand people, Ealing 103, Hammersmith 96 and Richmond 47, which makes Ealing one of the ten worst hit London boroughs. Ten London boroughs have death rates of 103 or more; the borough with the highest number of deaths being Newham, with 144 deaths from Covid-19, closely followed by Barnet with 142.

The ONS plan to update this map weekly. It holds a gruesome fascination, as you can move round the country checking the statistics in very localised areas, seeing how it is where your friends and family live. The bigger and darker the green spot, the greater the number of deaths.

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