Could it Be Magic?

Magician and comedian Paul Aitchison is performing his show Could It Be Magic? on 11 and 18 June at The Chiswick Playhouse.

Paul plays a number of characters competing in a magic competition in his show for people who love magic but might not love all the egos that perform it.

“Magic, at best, is taking something fascinating that people can’t understand but have a lovely time watching,” said Paul.

“When magicians make it all about ‘look how clever I am, look how cool I am, look how handsome I am’ and not about the audience, that’s when I get frustrated watching it and turn it off.”  Paul has taken what he doesn’t like about magic and made it “fun and joyous and silly.”

“It takes some really high pressured situations, when things start to crumble around them, which I find inherently funny”

Paul has a background in improvised comedy so the audience make suggestions throughout. “The audience are most of the show,” explains Paul who is excited to be back on stage with a live audience, “That adrenalin you have in the dressing room waiting to go on, you never really have that  in a Zoom waiting room about to entertain a group of accountants.”

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