Council backs plans for seal signs

Image above: ‘Freddie’; photograph Mary Tester

Hounslow Council has said it would support a proposal to put up signs along the tow path where seals regularly haul out.

The Chiswick Calendar reported last week that a group of local people in Chiswick who are actively involved with life on the river have formed Seal Watch, to support the growing population we see in the Thames.

They would like to put up signs to warn people, especially dog owners, where seals are likely to be. A council spokesman told us LB Hounslow would be ‘more than happy to support this initiative’.

Executive Director of Environment, Culture and Customer Services, Victoria Lawson said:

“As a Council we have a very strong commitment to Environment and Climate Emergency issues, and we will certainly be looking very closely at how we might support this valuable wildlife protection work.”

Images above: Porpoise by Barnes bridge; photographs Jonathan Roos

Porpoise spotted by Barnes Bridge

Seals are not the only marine mammals to have appeared this far up the Thames. A porpoise has been spotted in the past few days. Jonathan Roos was out by the river with his sons three year old Teddy and eight year old Emil when they spotted a fin. Emil told us:

“it was super fast and really cute, we saw it when we were biking under Barnes bridge. There was a movement in the water so my dad asked us to stop, and then a little grey face came up with a little round eye. My dad was worried for it so he called the coast guard but they said it’s fine”.

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