Council extends parking restrictions in roads nearest Chiswick Cinema but not in other nearby roads

Image above: Chiswick Cinema

Residents have a change of heart and Council amends plans accordingly

LB Hounslow has responded to feedback from residents and businesses in east Chiswick, in streets near the Chiswick Cinema, and increased the period of parking restrictions in the roads nearest the cinema, but not extended them in other roads.

Currently the parking restriction in the East Chiswick Controlled parking Zone is from 9am – 7pm, Monday – Saturday.

When the cinema was first mooted, residents in nearby streets objected on the basis it would bring more cars to park in their roads. An initial consultation in 2020 indicated clear public support for extending evening parking restrictions, but one year on from the cinema’s opening, the feared invasion of cars has not materialised.

LB Hounslow issued a second consultation in May and June this year on the proposal to extend parking restriction from 7pm to 9pm Monday to Saturday and to introduce it from 5-9pm on Sundays.

Many feared the decision was a foregone conclusion and widespread parking restrictions would be introduced. Lin Leung, co-owner of Decorexi at 58 Chiswick High Rd, made sure all the business owners in the area were aware of the consultation and urged them to take part. They all said extending parking restrictions would be bad for business.

Lin told us local residents were not in favour either.

“Imposing further restrictions disproportionately affects residents who have friends/family/carers visiting beyond 7pm and on Sundays” she told The Chiswick Calendar.

Image above: Upham Park Road, Google Street View

Roads affected

As a result of the feedback the Council has decided to create ‘sub-zones’ in the East Chiswick Controlled Parking Zone

Parking restrictions will be extended to 9am – 9pm, Monday – Saturday and 5 – 9pm on Sunday in the following roads: Ennismore Avenue, Mayfield Avenue, Thornton Avenue and Upham Park Road. Chiswick Cinema is between Upham Park Road and Ennismore Avenue. The other two streets are the next to the west on the north side of the HIgh Rd.

Plans have been dropped to extend the parking restrictions in Cleveland Avenue, Homefield Road, Merton Avenue and Ravensmede Way and also in Chiswick Lane (between its junction with
Chiswick High Road and Wilton Avenue) and Cranbrook Road.

The Council received 157 representations, of which 126 were objecting to the proposals or aspects of them. Only 31 representations supported them, or aspects of them. The Council also received a petition opposing the changes, with 64 signatures.

John Todd, ward councillor for Homefields, where these streets are, told The Chiswick Calendar:

“Both councillors, traffic officers, businesses and residents worked towards what I regard as a pragmatic solution.”

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