10% off Urban Pantry brunch boxes

Fed up with home cooking now? Over the whole protect and survive lockdown hausfrau routine?

If your go-to breakfast was Urban Pantry’s Avocado Smash or a bacon roll with homemade beetroot relish, fear not, because although it is not possible to go and sit down and eat at the cafe which is officially the provider of the best  breakfast in Britain (awarded Best Breakfast in Britain in last year’s National Breakfast Awards), you can go and pick up your breakfast from there to eat at home.

Urban Pantry breakfasts come to you

Owner Kate Frobisher closed the cafe completely for a bit, but is now back is single handedly preparing what she describes as ‘lockdown brunch DIY kits’, having furloughed her staff.

Unlike Hello Fresh or one of those DIY supper outfits, which would hand you an avocado and some hazelnuts and instructions, Kate’s avocado comes ready smashed. There’s not much DIY involved at all in fact.

Have a look at what’s available here.

Urban Pantry is a member of The Chiswick Calendar’s Club Card scheme and they’re offering a 10% discount…

Some menu items from Urban Pantry’s website

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