Cross party support for tea and cakes among the daffodils

Celebrating Beaconsfield Gardens spring blooms

Residents of the Beaconsfield Estate, at the Chiswick end of Acton Lane (Beaconsfield Rd), were out in force on Saturday (16 March) to celebrate the spring.

They have planted thousands of bulbs along the roadside and were concerned when some weeks later a surveyor turned up and started marking out the land. He was adamant there was to be a phone mast installed, but Ealing Council says nothing has been agreed. Their suspicions were first aroused when Ealing Council announced proposals to remove Conservation Area status from the Beaconsfield Estate.

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Images above: (L to R) Karen Liebreich, Director of Abundance London; Rupa Huq, MP for Ealing Central and Acton; Mayor of Ealing Cllr Hitesh Tailor; Southfield ward councillor Andrew Steed; Residents group member Jen Thorneycraft

To underline the idea that the grass verge is loved and appreciated, not just an unwanted bit of scrubland, Abundance London and the residents association put up a gazebo and offered free tea and cake to all comers. They also rigged a slackline between two trees, which attracted not only the local kids, but the Mayor of Ealing in all his mayoral finery to have a go.

The Mayor of Ealing Cllr Hitesh Tailor was there, alongside Rupa Huq MP and Southfield ward councillor Andrew Steed, showing cross party support.

We asked one of the organisers, Jen Thorneycraft, whether the threat of a communications tower squashing their flowers and ruining their garden had gone away.

“It’s all gone a bit quiet”, she said, “so we hope so”.

Children were happily running around the paths between the daffodils on Saturday, and having their faces painted. You can walk through the garden from a gap in the fence at the petrol station end and another gap further up the road.

Why is it ‘Evans’ gap? Because Mr Evans answered the call from Abundance London for money to plant bulbs. He had one request – that they should put in a gap in the fence so he could walk along the path, as he now considers himself too old to leap over it. So they did.

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