CS9 ‘joke’ blows up in joker’s face

The war of attrition between those who oppose the Cycle Superhighway and those who support it has become a police matter. Julian Pavey posted a spoof video on Twitter of a rocket attack on the pavement area outside Outsider Tart, in which a missile is seen blowing up a row of mobikes. The proprietor of the cafe, David Lesniak, who is notoriously against the cycle track reported him for committing ‘hate crime’ and posted:

‘If the target of this video, which has been posted on a local public forum, was your home, how would you respond? @tfl @theJeremyVine @RuthCadbury @RuthMayorcas @willnorman @SadiqKhan Seriously, it’s time to call off the trolls #CS9 #chiswick #StopTheHate’

Conservative candidates Joanna Biddolph, Patrick Barr and Chiswick Riverside Conservatives ‘liked’ his tweet. The author of the video then tweeted that it was ‘a bit of fun over mobikes and CS9’, which was ‘liked’ by Labour candidate Ruth Mayorcas, notoriously a supporter of CS9, and a few others, and so it escalated.

Despite apologising, I understand that the police are talking about cautioning Julian, which has resulted in a backlash against Redesign CS9 and David Lesniak on the W4 chat Forum, with comments like ‘shame on you’ (David) and ‘That is absolutely absurd. The video showed missiles destroying mobikes outside David’s caff. This was, fairly obviously, Julian’s imagining how David would like to do to the mobikes. How anyone could report that to the police defeats me. And then wasting police time with this is nuts’.

But as far as the police were concerned, they seem to be leaning towards the view that an offence was committed.