CS9 report ‘soon’

Transport for London is due to publish its response to the issues raised during the public consultation on Cycle Super Highway 9 this month. LB Hounslow’s Head of Traffic, Transport and Environmental Strategy, Mark Frost says there are “a number of substantial changes” which have been made to the CS9 proposal. Improvements have been made as a result of the consultation.

In response to opposition from Chiswick residents to the bi-directional cycle path taking pavement space from along the High Rd “some road space has been taken away and given to cyclists” he says instead. 

TfL have met a group of Chiswick’s councillors and Fr Michael Dunne, parish priest at Our Lady of Grace and St Edward on Chiswick High Rd to demonstrate that the issues raised by people in Chiswick have been noted. They have also now carried out a full impact analysis on how CS9 might affect air quality.

Cllr Sam Hearn told me if TfL make considerable changes they will have to put the revised plan out for further public consultation. His understanding is that TfL have realised their plans were flawed and that they will be going to public consultation on quite significant parts of the plan.

One change I hear has been made is along the South Circular stretch. Where the original design was for there to be a single direction cycle track on both sides of the road, in the revised proposal there will be a bi-directional path on the Chiswick side instead.

But all will be revealed shortly.