Curious Roo coffee roastery seeks to move from British Grove to Power Road

Image above: Curious Roo’s sign

Australian coffee roastery wants to relocate after complaints from residents at the other end of Chiswick High Rd

Plans to relocate the Curious Roo coffee roastery to Power Road in Chiswick have been recommended by Hounslow Council’s planning officers for approval by the Planning Committee.

The company, established by Australians Edwin and Magda Harrison following a year-long stay in Uganda, has been operating from British Grove at the eastern end of Chiswick High Road since 2016. Alongside their roastery, they also own the Artisan coffee shop chain, with a branch located on the corner of Chiswick High Road and Goldhawk Road.

Curious Roo has applied (00890/11/P3) for a change of use for the building at the rear of number 11 Power Rd, which will require some alterations to the roof and a new steel chimney.

The roastery has had complaints from residents at British Grove. A report by Hounslow planners says no statutory nuisance enforcement action was taken because their equipment was installed following discussions with the Council’s Community Enforcement team, and Curious Roo had taken precautions in designing their operation to mitigate any impact on neighbouring properties.

The Power Rd location should be more suitable, as it is designated as an area for light industrial use. Despite that, nearby residents have raised concerns about potential noise, smell, and safety concerns there too, which the planners have dismissed in their recent report.

Power Rd is next to the Thorney Hedge Road Conservation Area and the road itself has some art deco buildings

The planning department says Curious Roo’s proposed relocation is a suitable use of the site designated as Locally Significant Industrial, and it poses no adverse effects on the area’s aesthetics or the living conditions of nearby residents.

The application has yet to be assigned a date to be discussed by the Planning Committee.

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