I know 30 odd years as a journalist has probably made me unduly cynical, but really. Boris and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds, who just happens to be a public relations specialist, adopt a cute rescue puppy in the week that parliament returns.

In the week when Boris has announced he’ll call an election if his MPs don’t tow the line.

In the week where there is uproar in political circles and street protests at the proroguing of parliament.

In the week when the government is threatening to “purge” Tory rebels who oppose it over Brexit, according to former Justice Secretary David Gauke.

In the week when the prime minister’s spokesman said he could not commit to abiding by the law if backbenchers across parliament manage to pass specific legislation to stop a no deal Brexit.

And we’re supposed to be distracted from all this and think what lovely people Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds must be because they’ve adopted a puppy? Puh leeesse

Mind you he is cute.

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