Cycle way 9 finally opens

Image above: Cycleway 9 at Chiswick High Rd

Cyclists can now travel from Shepherd’s Bush to Chiswick safely

For months tracts of the cycleway through Chiswick High Rd blocked off with red plastic barriers have looked perfectly ready to be used. Finally Transport for London’s health and safety team have signed off on the route and removed them.

Jon Stone, a journalist with the Independent, has made a video showing how with C9 fully open, including the new track navigating the Hammersmith gyratory, cyclists can now travel safely from Shepherd’s Bush to Chiswick High Rd.

He has 25 video journeys on his site London cycle routes showing how to move around London safely by bike, from Rotherhide to Primrose Hill, from Peckham to Kensington and now in his latest video journey shot this weekend, from Shepherd’s Bush to Chiswick.

“A really high quality scheme”

Hammersmith gyratory

The two-way protected cycle track through the Hammersmith gyratory was finished last week.

“I think it’s brilliant, it’s really good” says Jon. “It protects you and it’s also extremely quick. You might be used to waiting at protected junction schemes for ages. Often you have to wait a long time at the lights…

“I rode up and down this street, through this gyratory pretty much all day this weekend and I can tell you that you usually get a green way through at least half of it, you don’t really have to wait too long … It’s a real game changer and I’d like to see more like it across London.”

King Street

Coming onto the two-way track on King Street he says:

“You can see loads of people make use of it, it’s a really good scheme. I reckon if you count all the people cycling in both directions on this cycleway and you count all the individual private cars on the main carriageway, I think, even thought this isn’t commuter time this is just a weekend, you probably have more people cycling than actually there are cars on the street even if it didn’t look it at first glance, because cars take up a lot more space.

Chiswick High Rd

Coming into Chiswick High Rd, he says:

“I think it’s quite special in a way because most schemes in London that are this good, they tend to be in the central business district of the City or maybe they run down a main artery …

“Out of all of the ones that have been built I think this is one that really connects up a high street … and as a result you just get so many people using it who are clearly doing their shopping and popping between shops and using the side roads to get to where they live and I think that’s fantastic … it’s a really really high quality scheme.”

The cycle lane is still unfinished. In three weeks’ time work is due to begin to put in bus shelters along Chiswick High Rd.

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