Cyclists allowed back in Richmond Park

Cyclists are to be allowed back in Richmond Park from Tuesday 2 June.

“We are looking forward to welcoming cyclists back” said a spokesperson for the Royal Parks.

Described as a “managed re-introduction”, cyclists will only be allowed in to Richmond Park on weekdays before 10.00 am and after 4.00 pm. The time in between is reserved for children under 12 only to cycle with a family member. Key workers commuting to work will also be permitted to cycle through the park at any time during park opening hours.

“This will allow us to monitor and measure the impact of the re-introduction and whether any further measures are required” say Royal Parks.

Access to the park roads on the eastern side of the park around Priory Lane and Broomfield Hill will be remain suspended temporarily to adult cyclists at all times, in order to maintain safety and provide a safe area for children and families to play.

Cars are still banned from the park.

Cyclists were banned from the park at the end of March because the Royal Parks decided there were too many, bunched too closely together and not adhering to social distancing guidelines.

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