Daily Mail targets Jeremy Vine over a Twitter account the broadcaster says is not even his

Image above: Jeremy Vine; photograph BBC

Confusion reigns as Dail Mail references ‘hateful content’ and a Chiswick ‘anti-cycling’ group

The Daily Mail has targeted broadcaster Jeremy Vine for misuse of a Twitter account, but, says the BBC presenter, they were talking about an account which is not even his.

The headline in the Mail’s story by Katie Hind on Friday (5 May) reads:

‘Twitter suspends Jeremy Vine for breaking its ‘hateful content’ rules after naming woman who opposes ‘dangerous’ cycling lane – amid fears he could be breaking BBC’s impartiality regulations’.

The ‘dangerous’ cycling lane is C9, Chiswick High Rd’s own love-it-or-hate-it cycleway. The woman they are talking about ‘runs an anti-cycling group in Chiswick, west London, where he lives’ and judging from the discussion on the OneChiswick Facebook group, that is the group to which they refer.

Article ‘very misleading’

Jeremy took to social media at the weekend to defend himself, saying:

‘For what it’s worth, the newspaper article yesterday saying my Twitter account was locked was very, very misleading.’

None of his tweets have broken any rules, he says, and:

“Far from me “naming the person who leads the anti-cycling group in west London,” she had already given an interview under her own name to the, um, Daily Mail”.

Fellow Chiswick cyclist Paul Campbell Tweeted this was the account which had been suspended: