Debaere may not be a name that is familiar to you. In the normal way of things they are a wholesaler, based in Acton, which supplies many of the restaurants and cafes in Chiswick and the surrounding area. With so many of their regular customers closed, they’ve changed their business model and, as of 21 April, are launching home deliveries in Ealing, Chiswick and Hammersmith, of boxes of their freshly based bread, pastries and cakes.

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To order, email them at, or give them a ring on 0208 998 1026.

Debaere was established in 1998 by Ric DeBaere, a Master Pastry Chef From Belgium. Before the Coronavirus outbreak and the shut down of the hospitality industry, their main business was  providing premium, artisan ,cakes, patisserie, desserts, continental pastries to Coffeeshops, Retailers, and Event Venues.