December 2021 books

What’s new and good to read this month? Annakarin Klerfalk has a look at what’s on offer and chooses Hide, The Secrets of Bridgewater Bay and Winter at Cliff’s End Cottage which are all out in December.


Nell Pattison is the author of The Silent House, which was a USA Today bestseller and Silent Night – featuring British Sign Language interpreter Paige Northwood. Nell has also been a teacher in the Deaf community for 14 years in both England and Scotland.

Hide is described by Author T.M. Logan as “tense, twisty and full of toxic secrets – a chilly fight for survival guaranteed to give you shivers.”

Seven friends gather for a Boxing Day hike, with the intention of bringing their nature group together. Emily is the girl who never lets her hearing loss stop her from anything; Lauren always feels a step behind; Morna doesn’t get on with Lauren; Ben is obsessed with Emily; Dan, the quiet type, new to the group; Kai isn’t just there for the wildlife – and, lastly, Alex, who knows all their secrets.

At sunset, one of them is killed – and someone in their group is the killer.

Hide is published by HarperCollins on 9 December. 

Images above: Hide front cover, Author Nell Pattison

The Secrets of Bridgewater Bay

The Secrets of Bridgewater Bay, written by Julie Brooks, is a twisty dual-time novel for bookclub readers.

English Rose and Ivy board a ship to Australia, in 1919; one with the destiny to marry a man she has never met – and the other will never arrive.

Australian Molly discovers a photograph with “Rose and Ivy 1917” written on it and a letter from her grandmother, asking her to find out what happened to her own mother, Rose.

Molly sets off on a journey to England to fulfil her grandmothers wishes and solve the mystery of Rose and Ivy.

Kathryn Hughes said “I thoroughly enjoyed this immersive story which spans both generations and continents. The evocative details and impeccable research make for a delightful reading experience and I can pay it no greater compliment other than to say ‘I wish I’d written it’”.

The Secrets of Bridgewater Bay is published by Headline on 29 December.

Images above: The Secrets of Bridgewater Bay front cover, Author Julie Brooks

Winter at Cliff’s End Cottage

A December blog has to have a cosy Christmas story in it and what could be a better choice than Winter at Cliff’s End Cottage by Sheila Norton.

Elderly Stella lives at Cliff’s End Cottage, a local landmark on the South Devon coast but when young journalist and struggling mum, Holly, comes to interview her, she is dismissed out of hand.

Holly doesn’t give up – and in the company of cats and some cake, a friendship starts to develop between the two women. As Stella tells her story, they discover that they have a lot in common and maybe they can find a way forward together.

Sarah Morgan reviewed it as “A charming read. Made me want to move to the country and buy a cottage with roses around the door.”

Little, Brown Book Group will release Winter at Cliff’s End Cottage on 9 December.

Images above: Winter at Cliff’s End Cottage front cover, Author Sheila Norton

Annakarin Klerfalk

Anna is a literary agent based in Chiswick who is keen to hear from authors trying to get their books published. Contact her on She used to run the Waterstones bookshop in Chiswick. You can read more about her and Intersaga here.

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