December 2019 Books

What’s new and good to read this month? Annakarin Klerfalk has a look at what’s on offer and chooses three good reads for December.

The Fallout

The Fallout is a thriller about a toxic friendship between mums whose children attend the same primary school. The story begins when a child falls at the local health club as Sarah forgets to check on her best friend’s little boy. A lie sets everything into jeopardy and Sarah is faced with a dilemma. If she tells the truth she will lose her friend.

Rebecca Thornton is a former journalist and her previous novels, The Exclusives and Your Guilty Secret were published by Bonnier Zaffre. This time it’s HarperFiction. Editor Charlotte Brabbin says:

The Fallout starts with a bang but there’s no let-up in pace as the accident brilliantly wrenches open the cracks in the lives of a group of mums already weighted with secrets and marital tensions. I love how the book takes us behind closed doors but with an addictive, gossipy spin.” The Fallout is published on 5 December.

The Sacrament

The Sacrament is a haunting story of a nun whose past returns to her. She is sent by the Vatican to investigate allegations of misconduct at a Catholic school in Iceland. During her time there as a young student, she watched the headmaster fall to his death from the church tower. Two decades later she is called back to the scene of the crime and her complex past catches up with her.

Olaf Olafsson is an Icelandic businessman, writer and scientist. The Sacrament is his sixth novel, in which he looks deeply at our past lives, selves and the traumas of youth. Olaf consistently surprises and challenges the reader. Booklist reviewed it as “A gripping, masterfully constructed story toward redemption and justice.” The Sacrament is out on 3 December.

One Moment

One Moment is a moving coming of age novel about two strangers who change each other’s lives. Ten year old Finn, who is having a tough time at school and at home, is a highly sensitive boy who only eats at 5-star hygiene cafes. At one of them they meet big-hearted and funny fifty-nine year old Kaz, who works there. Little did they know that one moment would turn their lives around.

Linda Green is a bestselling author of nine novels, all translated into twelve languages. Her previous novel, While My Eyes Were Closed, sold over 450 000 copies across all editions. The review said “I sobbed my heart out and I will look out for her next book.” One Moment is published by Quercus on 1 December.

Annakarin Klerfalk

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