Demolition plan submitted for Gunnersbury Avenue office block

Image above: The site at 250 Gunnersbury Avenue

Latest application is one of many either rejected or expired planning applications

A planning application (PALL/2023/3967) has been submitted proposing the demolition of the longstanding vacant office block at 250 Gunnersbury Avenue, near Chiswick Roundabout. The site, accessed from Power Road, has remained unused for a number of years, and the documents submitted with the current planning application show its current state of disrepair.

The application, presented on behalf of Hold Prop Co 1 Ltd, lists Paul Kempe, a director linked to City & Provincial Properties, as part of its leadership. The proposal does not suggest a particular  development beyond levelling the building and leaving the site vacant.

In November 2023 a proposal to build a self-storage unit was discussed, incorporating adaptable office and light industrial spaces on this property. The storage company Shurgard is already set to unveil a sizeable self-storage facility on an adjacent site.

This recent submission comes after a series of unsuccessful attempts to repurpose the area. A plan proposed in December 2021 for the construction of 19 flats was rejected by Hounslow Council, a decision upheld during an appeal in September 2023. Alternative proposals, including adding storeys to the existing structure, have also been met with similar refusals.

The site has been subject to number of other proposals, including an eight-storey office building approval in 2017 which was allowed to lapse, and a seven-storey scheme sanctioned the previous  year, which similarly never materialised. A proposal in 2020 (P/2020/0856), suggesting a mixed-use space with workshops and co-living units in a building rising up to 13 storeys,was also refused in September 2021.