Details of public meeting with senior Met Police officer on crime in Chiswick announced

Image above: Chiswick Town Hall

Meeting set for Monday 16 October at 7pm (doors open 6.30pm)

Chiswick residents will have the chance to ask questions of the Metropolitan Police Borough Commander for West London, Chief Superintendent Sean Wilson, and local police officers at a public meeting on crime and policing in Chiswick, organised by Chiswick’s Conservative Councillors.

The meeting, on Monday 16 October at 7pm (doors open 6.30pm) at Chiswick Town Hall, has been organised specifically for residents and business ratepayers to find out about police operations in Chiswick. It is the fourth public meeting on crime and policing organised by the Conservative councillors, picking up on current local crime issues.

The Chiswick Calendar has received many emails recently on the subject of crime – on robberies in the street and drug dealing in plain sight as well as about burglaries and shop lifting. We highlighted the issue of shoplifting in August:

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The public meeting is likely to focus on shoplifting, drug dealing, car theft, theft from cars, bike theft, doorstep thefts, burglary and safety on the streets as well as police numbers and visibility.

It follows the meeting held on Friday 1 September for retailers concerned about shoplifting, where the officer in charge of the ‘Safer Neighbourhoods’ teams in Hounslow, acting Inspector Michael Binns and Sergeant Jim Cope, the officer in charge of the team in Chiswick, spoke to retailers and listened to the constant problems they are having both with the volume of shoplifting and the boldness of the thieves.

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Cllr Ranjit Gill told us all residents and business ratepayers were welcome to attend the next meeting. There is no need to book. Doors open at 6.30pm on 16 October at Chiswick Town Hall.

“Strong sense” that crime is “out of control”, says Cllr Gill

Cllr Ranjit Gill

Councillor Gill, the Conservative group’s spokesman on crime and policing, said:

“We know from our email inboxes, residents’ WhatsApp groups, and from bumping into residents when we are walking round our wards, that there is a very high level of concern in Chiswick about crime and a strong sense that it seems to be out of control locally. We also know that everyone wants to see more police on the streets and that they regret the closure of the police station.

“Our area police team, led by the West area Borough Commander Chief Superintendent Sean Wilson, will give us an update on the current state of policing, including numbers and roles within Chiswick and the borough, what the plans are for the future of neighbourhood policing in Chiswick, and answer your questions.”

In a presentation to Hounslow council’s overview and scrutiny committee on Tuesday, 26 September, chief superintendent Sean Wilson reported that all three Hounslow Chiswick’s ward teams are now up to full strength, with two PCs and one PCSO in each ward.

He is expected to outline, at the public meeting, the support ward police teams have from the wider police force in the borough and his plans for policing in Chiswick and the borough.

The officer in charge of the ‘Safer Neighbourhoods’ teams in Hounslow, acting Inspector Michael Binns, told The Chiswick Calendar last month the Metropolitan Police was struggling to recruit staff and that officers who were supposed to be working on neighbourhood policing had been pulled off that duty so they could meet the need for emergency responses.

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Cllr Gill hopes residents will be free to come to the meeting and will raise whatever issues concern them, just as they did at the previous public meetings organised by Chiswick’s Conservative councillors.