Development of Grove Park ‘Piazza’ taking shape

Image above: Planning image of how the Grove Park Piazza will look once completed


The ‘piazza’ outside Grove Park shops near Chiswick station is taking shape, having spent years in the planning, and having faced a succession of obstacles in the process.

Initially proposed by The Grove Park Group (GPG) and largely supported by the local community, the project was put on hold due to budget cuts from Transport for London (TfL) during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Construction work is now under way. A road crew is extending the paved area outside the shops, with temporary traffic lights controlling the flow of traffic over Grove Park Bridge.

The new piazza will have brand new widened pavements,seating areas, greenery and more spaces for people to park their bikes.

Hounslow Council revisited the plans last year and made minor adjustments to the original design before appointing a contractor earlier this year.

Despite rumblings from some residents, who have expressed surprise that a project they’ve largely forgotten about has finally begun to take shape, LB Hounslow’s projects team say they have been actively engaging with residents and shopkeepers to address concerns and ensure transparency throughout the process.

Image above: Grove Park Road before construction work began; image Good Street View

Piazza welcomed by residents but parking issues still remain

The redevelopment aims to rejuvenate the area, offering ‘improved public space accessible to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists’. Despite progress, parking issues persist, with a net reduction in spaces and limited free parking time for residents.

Grove Park Group’s Chairman, Rob King, said:

“The ‘piazza’ will benefit from a renewed and refreshed public space, encouraging residents and visitors to stay in the area, using the shops and facilities, and will be accessible whether they arrive on foot, by bike, by car etc.

“The area has been somewhat underinvested and overlooked in the past.We focused on several areas in the project: added a local community notice board to help keep residents informed – we’d like to do similar elsewhere in Grove Park, and several practical matters such as requesting seating areas, locations of bike racks etc – we have a couple of other ideas for the piazza which we are progressing.

“There have been some challenges around parking, with a net reduction in a few spaces which was driven by London Borough of Hounslow (LBH), and a controlled parking scheme (via app) which currently allows only 30 minutes of free parking – customers of the hairdresser or pharmacy really need a longer period which we have flagged to LBH.

“We also hope that the revised road layout will slow traffic, as is intended by London Borough of Hounslow. Speed on our local roads has been a continuing issue in the wider Grove Park area, and has persisted – and even worsened on some roads – following the various Low Traffic Neighbourhood measures from LBH.

“The Grove Park Group continues to lobby London Borough of Hounslow to take some action on road speed and safety as LBH’s Traffic team promised and committed to LBH Cabinet but are yet to fully deliver.”

“This would be traffic monitoring, calming and speed controls for the benefit of all road users including pedestrians and cyclists etc – we encourage further engagement here from LBH with GPG and the wider community on road speed.”

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