Do not leave your pumpkins out to rot, as they can be a threat to wildlife

Image above: Halloween celebrations; photograph Jennifer Griffiths

Pumpkins can be fatal to hedgehogs

The wildlife charity The Woodland Trust has issued a warning that pumpkins can be fatal to hedgehogs. Paul Bunton, from the charity, said people should instead compost them at home, or hang them from a tree to feed the birds.

We spoke to Chiswick’s own hedgehog champion, Joanne Gilbert of about it. She told us:

“People often like to put out their left over pumpkins for wildife.  However, pumpkin is not healthy for all wildlife.

“Hedgehogs are actually omnivores and although their preference is worms and insects, they will occassionally eat fruits and vegetables. This often occurs from autumn onwards when their favourite natural foods become harder to find.

“However, pumpkin can upset their tummies and make them ill at a time when they really need to put on weight to survive hibernation.

“If you want to put out pumpkin for wildlife, please put is high up, where our prickly friends cannot reach it.”

Joanne organises talks abguest speakers to come to Chiswick to talk about wildlife and gives talks herself to schools about hedgehogs in particular.

She has just launched her first children’s book Snout’s first trip out, which she will be selling signed copies of at the November Chiswick Flower Market.

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