Domestic violence charge against Kevin McNally thrown out says Pirates of the Caribbean actor

 Images: Kevin McNally and Phyllis Logan

Case dismissal brings to an end a very stressful period for Kevin McNally and Phyllis Logan

Kevin McNally, the actor best known for playing the role of Joshamee Gibbs in the Pirates of the Caribbean, has told The Chiswick Calendar the charge of domestic violence, for which he was arrested in LA in February, has been dropped.

The past few months have been very stressful for him and his wife, actor Phyllis Logan, of Downton Abbey fame, who live in Chiswick, but it appears the nightmare which began two and a half months ago is now over.

Kevin was arrested on 16 February in Los Angeles, just as he was set to attend a Doctor Who fan convention at the Marriot Hotel. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) released a statement that he had been arrested ‘on suspicion of inflicting an injury that caused a traumatic condition on a victim who was his current or former spouse, cohabitant, or child’s parent.’

The arrest did not refer to Phyllis, who was in London and knew nothing about it. The LAPD statement did not give the name of his alleged victim.

He was released on bail, set at £40,000, and was due to appear in court in March. Kevin has given The Chiswick Calendar this statement, explaining what has happened subsequently and why he has not appeared in court:

“No-one lodged any complaint against me and the case was thrown out by the LA district attorney before it even came to any kind of hearing.

“It received a rapid and complete dismissal and even included the ‘sealing’ of my arrest ensuring I had no record of any kind in the United States.”

He and Phyllis are now hoping to put this “very stressful” episode in their lives behind them.

Image: Kevin McNally with Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean

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