Don’t Sweat it

Prince Andrew’s “I don’t sweat” and “I don’t believe it’s a picture of me in London because… when I go out in London, I wear a suit and a tie,” have to be up there with Bill Clinton’s “I didn’t inhale” and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” as two of the most lame and unconvincing answers in television history.

What is it with these powerful, privileged men and their egos that suggests it’s a good idea to flannel your way through an interview with tough, no nonsense journalist such as Emily Maitlis and give such weaselly answers?

Meanwhile Boris Johnson refuses to be drawn on how many children he has. Why is it important? Character. Do you want the prime minister of your country to be the type of man who won’t acknowledge his own children?

Guardian journalist Marina Hyde is on a mission to get Boris Johnson to come clean about how many children he has in her column this week.

‘Walking away is, of course, quite the speciality for Johnson, whose Wikipedia famously lists his progeny as “5 or 6”. Very normal’.

‘The only political interview I truly want to see this campaign is one in which Johnson is submitting to questions – and a polygraph – from Jeremy Kyle’.

The Court of Appeal ruled in 2013 that the Daily Mail was justified in publishing stories about his secret lovechild because of his “recklessness” in conducting extramarital affairs and the bearing that had on his suitability for public office.

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