Drive a car to mark Clean Air Day

Images above: Homer from the Simpsons; Cllr Patrick Barr

There’s a war of attrition which continues almost daily on Twitter between cyclists (including Jeremy Vine with his 699K followers) and a couple of our local councillors. The subject matter is fairly niche, as it consists of skirmishes in the foothills of the Moral High Ground in the attempt to plant a flag on its summit concerning plans for the cycle path formerly known as Cycle Superhighway 9. It is occasionally quite funny though, as this week when Cllr Patrick Barr let slip on Twitter that he had driven his car to a meeting with other councillors to hand out leaflets about air pollution. He and Cllr Joanna Biddolph had both driven there (owing, they said, to their many commitments that day) to point out the error of their ways to other drivers over engine idling.

The cyclists had a field day


The councillors were quick to explain


But it was just too good an opportunity not to take the mick …


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