Parking changes concern allotment users

Allotment holders at Dukes Meadows have expressed concern at the impact on them of the proposed introduction of parking restrictions in Dukes Meadows. The council has launched a consultation. 

Hounslow Council is proposing to create parking bays along Dan Mason Drive, where at the moment anyone using the area can stop for free. The tarffs would include Sundays, when most people go to work on their allotments.

On Twitter @HamishPringle commented that ‘the relatively infrequent major traffic problems are caused by major competitions, either on sports grounds, or the river’, not by locals using the area ordinarily.

@ChiswickHigh Rd  wrote: ‘If you use the park informally (e.g. playground, dog walking) then you definitely need to respond – otherwise the responses will favour users of the sports clubs. (Not that we’re against them, just that non-organised usage of the Meadows is very important).

To comment on the proposals go here. You have until 21 December to comment