Dukes Meadows retains its Green Flag

Dukes Meadows Trust volunteers held an impromptu celebration yesterday after hearing that the park had retained its Green Flag. The award for parks recognises and rewards well managed parks and green spaces. “Dukes Meadows trust is extremely active on the site for a number of years and has led on the regeneration of the park raising over £1 million to create two high quality play area, one of which they manage.” say the organisers.

Carol Beauchamp, pictured above, has been a member of the trust from the start 18 years ago. She said; “It has been a great achievement to turn the park from the sad and derelict state it was in 18 years ago, to the lovely park it is today. I feel very proud every time I come here and see all the people enjoying the pool and play area and visiting the market. It is a busy, happy place now compared to the sad and lonely place it used to be. It was hard work on Sunday cutting back the hedge along Riverside Drive in the heat, but I love being involved, we have a lovely crowd of people, so it’s great fun and we usually have a drink in the Bowls Club after volunteering”.


Cute furry animals this Sunday

Kathleen Healy, the Trust’s Development Manager, also pictured (far right in the group shot) said: ‘The trust continues to make improvements to the park and this year renovated the back of the Bowls Green Pavilion to create a new entrance and revamped the kiosk by the pool. Volunteers go out every two weeks on a Sunday to maintain the trees, hedges and shrubs”.

The trust is solely responsible for management and maintenance of the paddling pool on which it holds a lease. It also runs the weekly Food Market, which next Sunday offers an opportunity for children to pet goats, rabbits and other cute, furry animals for free.

If you would like to get involved with volunteering at Dukes’ Meadows, please see the Trust’s website dukesmeadowstrust.org or you can follow the Trust on twitter @Dukesmeadowspark

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