Dusted With Sugar by Christina Balmer

The Bedford Park Festival is taking place online this year, owing to the Covid-19 emergency. The Chiswick Calendar is pleased to be one of several digital platforms hosting events.

From Tuesday 16 June at 7.00pm you can hear Dusted with Sugar, one of two radio plays, specially written for the Bedford Park Festival. It’s only 12 minutes long, but every word’s a pearl. It’s free to listen to, but if you enjoy it please make a donation to the Festival charities via DonorBox – where you can also leave a comment for the performers and producers:  donorbox.org/bedford-park-festival

The play is set, fittingly, at a church fete. Phyllis Logan, the actor best known for her role as the housekeeper Mrs Hughes in Downton Abbey, plays a champion cake maker, embittered by being unexpectedly knocked off the top slot. Not for nothing was she crowned ‘Miss Leytonstone Light & Fluffy’ way back when, and she’s not happy.

The play’s other character, the vicar, is played by Fr Kevin Morris, vicar of St Michael & All Angels Church, who in my opinion is wasted as an actual vicar. Listening to this you do wonder what goes on behind the scenes in the organisation of church fetes. He plays the part with such feeling!

The link will go live at 7.00pm on Tuesday 16 June and remain live until the end of the Festival (28 June 2020). (So if you’re viewing the page before that time please come back!) Editing and Sound by Matt Karmios, Apex Production Group.

Pamela Lumsden: Phyllis Logan
Reverend Fanthorpe: Fr Kevin Morris
Tannoy announcer: Christina Balmer
Sound design and editing by Matt Karmios, Apex Production Group

Dusted With Sugar is one of two radio plays produced by The XV Theatre Company for the Bedford Park Festival. The other, Creature Features, will be on Tuesday 23 June, available on The Chiswick Calendar website from 7.00pm.

Creature Features has an all-star cast, including Lucy Briers, Phyllis Logan, Veronica Quilligan, Eric Carte, Adam Leese, Andrew Maud, Kevin McNally, John Rowe and Jeremy Vine.

The XV Theatre Company has been producing shows for The Bedford Park Festival since 2015: Cast Aside 2015; Shakespeare On Love 2016; Relatively Speaking 2017; Perfect Pitch 2018.  In 2019 the company focused on new writing with the premieres of two plays by Freya Alderson: Baby Mine at The Etcetera Theatre and Thread at The Hope Theatre.

For more information about the company see their website: thexvtheatrecompany.co.uk

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