Ealing Central & Acton’s Parliamentary candidates

Image: a polling station

Eight candidates to choose from in Ealing Central and Acton

The Ealing Central and Acton constituency is gearing up for the 2024 general election which takes place on 4 July. There are eight candidates vying for the seat, and each candidate hopes to convince voters they know which critical issues matter most to the electorate.

The incumbent is Rupa Huq MP of the Labour Party, who has held the seat since 2015.

The full list of candidates is: Stephen Balogh – Social Democratic Party; Julie Carter – Independent; Dr Kate Crossland – The Green Party; Dr Rupa Huq – The Labour Party; Nada Jarche – Workers’ Party of Britain; Alastair Mitton – Liberal Democrats; Felix Orrell – Reform UK; and James Windsor-Clive for the Conservatives.

Images: Stephen Balogh, Social Democratic Party logo

Stephen Balogh – Social Democratic Party

Stephen Balogh, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate, has extensive experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, having worked with large organisations in logistics, retail, and financial services.

He co-founded a successful professional services firm and now volunteers his expertise to support struggling non-profit organisations and community-building initiatives, including efforts with his local Catholic parish, Ealing Abbey, and pandemic-related neighbourhood support.

Stephen has been a resident of Ealing since the mid-1990s, where he and his late wife chose as their home. Their diverse backgrounds, with Hungarian refugee and East African Asian heritage, led them to integrate and contribute to British society.

Following his wife’s death from cancer, Balogh remarried and his family, which includes adopted sons of various ethnicities, represents a broad multicultural spread. Stephen says his personal experiences with bereavement and suicide have informed his advocacy for related support initiatives.

He is running to serve Ealing Central and Acton as a “community-focused constituency MP”. The SDP, which he represents, values social justice, economic fairness, and community cohesion. Stephen aims to bring his extensive background and community engagement to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for all residents.

“I’d be honoured to serve Ealing Central and Acton and am committed to being a community-building constituency MP” he said.

Image: Julie Carter, Ealing Central & Acton constituency map

Julie Carter – Independent 

Julie has lived in the borough for many years. She went to school and university in the borough and has stood in many elections and is public governor for Ealing for Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

Julie would like to see a more transparent Ealing Council, efficient and in-person local council wards, and an updated phone system to handle resident and business enquiries.

She would also like to scrap “dangerous bike lanes” and remove the 20 mile an hour speed limit on dual carriageways.

Images: Dr Kate Crossland, The Green Party logo

Dr Kate Crossland – The Green Party

Dr Kate Crossland is an NHS doctor who has also been a community and environmental activist for the last ten years.

She believes in bringing communities together for the benefit of all. Kate has lived in Ealing for 20 years, and is chair of her local residents association, as well as a school governor. She also co-leads the Palliative Care Sustainability Network, exploring ways to provide high quality end of life care with the lowest possible impact on the planet.

She says her professional experience in casework and her background in health “bring many transferrable skills to political life, particularly the ability to resolve complex problems and to communicate clearly and with compassion.”

When not keeping busy with all of the above, Kate says she enjoys spending time with her family, working through the stresses of life in the gym, and indulging her naughty rescue cats.

Images: Rupa Huq, The Labour Party logo

Rupa Huq – The Labour Party

Dr Rupa Huq is the incumbent MP for Ealing Central and Acton, representing the Labour Party since 2015. Born in Hammersmith, London, to Bangladeshi parents, she has a background in academia, having lectured in sociology at Kingston University.

Dr. Huq’s political career is marked by her commitment to social justice, education, and community cohesion. She has been an outspoken advocate on issues such as affordable housing, public services, and the impact of Brexit on her constituents. Her work in Parliament also includes serving on various committees and participating in debates on a wide range of policy matters.

She was briefly suspended then reinstated into Labour for claiming the former Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng was ‘superficially black’, insinuating he did not understand the experiences of other black people because of his education and how he speaks. Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer called the remarks “racist” and said he had taken “swift action” by suspending her.

On the campaign trail, Dr. Huq said:

“I have a strong track record of being accessible, available, and responsive to all of my constituents. I will continue to hold a weekly surgery which any resident is welcome to attend (by appointment) – my team and I have met and helped thousands of local residents since 2015.

“I am very present in the community, visiting schools, faith groups and events. I am also an active campaigning MP and will continue to knock on doors in the constituency regularly throughout the parliamentary term, not just at elections. Whether it’s by phone, email or in-person, I will continue to be accessible to every constituent.”

Images: Nada Jarche – Worker’s Party of Britain

Nada Jarche – Workers’ Party of Britain

Standing for George Galloway’s Workers’ Party of Britain, Nara Jarche is British-Palestinian who has lived in London for over 20 years who says she is unhappy with what she describes as “the decline the city has been going through”, adding:

“Despite the fact that I do not now reside in the borough of Ealing Central and Acton, I do have family and friends there, so I am able to comprehend the area and the problems that have persisted despite all efforts to bring about improvements.”

Key to the Workers’ Party of Britain’s mission is recognition of a Palestinian state and supporting an unconditional ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Nada says the Workers’ Part of Britain will focus on improving the UK’s economic outlook by increasing labour wages, reducing employment taxes for workers such as national insurance.

Images: Alastair Mitton, Liberal Democrats logo

Alastair Mitton – Liberal Democrats

Alastair Mitton is the Liberal Democrats’ candidate, describing himself as a “Passionate Lib Dem, demanding a Fair Deal”. Alastair moved back to the UK at the age of 18. Not long after he moved to Ealing, first in Perivale and then in Hanwell.

He had a unit in the Ealing Broadway Centre for many years as well as trading at Portobello Road and Camden Lock with his silversmith wife Paulette and has run the jewellery unit in the Christmas Market since its inception.

Working in tandem with Ealing’s Liberal Democrats, who are the official opposition on Ealing Council, Alastair’s campaign material prioritises improving local NHS services. The Liberal Democrats website says Alastair cares deeply about Ealing’s local environment, as well as fighting for better community policing and defending the “twin Liberal Democrat ideals of economic competence and social compassion”.

Recent YouGov polling found Alastair to be the main challenger to the incumbent in the seat, on 15.2%. Though he trails Rupa Huq who is polling at 56.5%, by 41 points.

On the campaign trail, Alastair said:

“We can feel the political map changing towards us.”

Felix Orrell – Reform UK

Felix Orrell is standing for Reform UK in Ealing Central & Acton.

His presence online is minimal and no information about his candidacy is available on Reform’s website other than his name. Orrell has not responded to previous requests for comment.

James Windsor-Clive – Conservative and Unionist Party

Conservative and Unionist candidate James Windsor-Clive says he is passionate about the local community and hopes to deliver real change if elected. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of his great-great-uncle Hubert Duggan who won the seat from Labour in 1931.

Born in London, James has been a west London resident for the past 15 years. He started his career as a management consultant at Deloitte, where he also qualified as an accountant, before starting his own business. Currently, James works as a researcher for Anthony Browne, the MP for South Cambridgeshire.

At his candidate confirmation ceremony James said if elected he would “protect the character of the area while delivering the essential services residents need: affordable housing, more school places, and better access to GP services. It is also vitally important that everyone feels safe and secure in our community, I will take a tough stance on crime and antisocial behaviour.”

Writing an opinion piece for Ealing News, James has recently attacked Labour’s flagship education policy which he describes as a “parent tax”. James said:

“Their headline education policy is to impose a parent tax, of 20% VAT, on independent school fees. In fact, it is one of the only policies that they have not flip flopped on in the last couple of years! I find it remarkable that they are so focused on the 7% of pupils attending independent schools, rather than improving the educational standards of the 93% of pupils in the state sector.”

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