Conservative Manifesto


Reinstate weekly street cleaning & free garden waste collection

The waste and recycling changes have been a disaster. Many Ealing streets are now being fully cleaned as little as once every twelve weeks. Illegal rubbish dumping has increased by over 200%, one of the worst situations in the UK. We will sweep every street at least once a week and we will promote recycling by collecting garden waste for free and by reducing the cost of collecting bulky items.

Stop ugly over-development that has caused skyscrapers to spring up locally

Resident satisfaction with the Labour Council planning department is at rock bottom. Residents aren’t given notice allowing them to object and the regeneration department works too closely with planning. We will stop monster tower blocks springing up across the Borough, separate the planning and regeneration departments and ensure that planning notifications are posted once again to local residents.

We will build homes that are sympathetic to their surroundings. We will deliver 3,000 genuinely affordable homes that local people can buy with a share of the Conservative Government’s £9bn housing fund.

Fix our broken roads and pavements

Our roads and pavements are in a dreadful state. 1000’s of potholes and trip hazards make life dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. We will identify and repair all dangerous pavements and resurface damaged roads.

Stop Labour’s waste and freeze core council tax and properly fund social care

If we win control on 3rd May, we will put in place an emergency budget which will stop the Labour profligacy and waste and restore weekly street sweeping and free garden waste collection, and will sort out our roads and pavements.


Ealing Conservative Manifesto: