Ealing Council proposes removing Conservation Area status from Beaconsfield Estate

Public Consultation on Ealing’s Conservation Areas

Ealing Council is conducting a public consultation on possible changes to Conservation Areas across the borough. Two of these areas are in Chiswick: Bedford Park and Acton Green.

In the Council’s newly published reports they recommend the removal of the Beaconsfield Estate Conservation Area, which is between Acton Lane and South Parade (opposite Acton Green).

Acton Green / Beaconsfield Estate

On Acton Green they say:

‘The Common with its mature trees and railway embankment behind it, are the dominant features of the area. St Albans Church is the major landmark and focal point of the area.

‘The Conservation Area has a diverse architectural heritage but mainly from the 19th and 20th century, with Victorian terraces, turn of the century mansion flats and the Victorian Church of St Albans and the late Victorian/Edwardian pub of the Duke of Sussex.”

The Council’s reasoning for removing the Beaconsfield Estate Conversation Area is:

‘This modern estate (1970s) is very different in character from the rest of the Conservation Area which are Victorian or Edwardian in nature. It is considered that the inclusion of this estate on the basis of its architectural and historical association is no longer justified.”

The properties affected by the proposed change are:

-1-29 (consecutive) Disraeli Close

-1-25 (consecutive) Winston Walk

-1-36 (consecutive) Clement Close

-1-31 (consecutive) Gladstone Road

-129-139 (odds) Acton Lane

Bedford Park

For Bedford Park the Council is proposing to include more of Fielding and Blandford Road into the Conservation Areas, as their research shows the houses in these roads were built around the same time (1880/1881).

Their report says:

‘Research indicates that the houses in these sections of the roads are the same period and architectural style as the eastern sections and were built at around the same period (1880 or 1881).

‘Whilst Ormbury Lodge is a later development, the original plot and houses on this site have historical and architectural significance and links to the development of the estate and its architecture’.

The report argues its inclusion would tidy up the outline of the Conservation Area, providing a straighter and better-defined boundary edge to the Conservation Area along The Avenue, thereby encompassing the entire block at western end of Fielding and Blandford Roads up to The Avenue.

‘The Inclusion of these properties within the Conservation Area will also help ensure that their fabric can be preserved and enhanced in the future.’

The properties affected:

-38-68 (evens); 35-55 (odds) Fielding Road

-38-50 (evens) Blandford Road

-33-43 (odds) and 40-56 (evens) The Avenue

-Flats 1-57 (consecutive) Ormsbury Lodge, The Avenue

The consultation deadline is 31 January 2024 and written responses should be sent to localplan@ealing.gov.uk.