Ealing Lib Dems secure resurfacing of Church Path

Image above: Cllr Andrew Steed on Church Path recently

Southfield ward councillors claim credit for resurfacing pothole-ridden road

The Liberal Democrats in Southfield ward are claiming credit for the decision by Ealing Council to completely resurface Church Path.

Southfield ward councillors say they have spent a significant amount of its time over the last year reporting potholes and other dangerous issues on Chiswick’s streets.

Church Path is set to be resurfaced with a new layer of what is called ‘microsurfacing’ along its entire length from Kingswood Terrace to Acton Lane. The works are due to start in September.

Cllr Andrew Steed said:

“Liberal Democrats receive lots of complaints from residents, as part of our approach to listen to residents, about the poor state of the streets which are maintained by Ealing Council. We campaign on streets where there are lots of potholes and glad that we have persuaded the Council to repair Church Path in Southfield. Pothole-ridden streets are bad for both cyclists and vehicle drivers. “

Ealing Council reduced the amount it spent on repairing potholes in 2022, deciding to base repairs on risk-based assessments. The depth of a pothole required serious enough to require intervention has also been increased to 40mm.

Residents can report potholes and other hazards using the ‘lovecleanstreet’ app, via the Ealing Council website or by emailing highwayservices@ealing.gov.uk.