Ealing Liberal Democrats present alternative budget

Image above: Ealing Liberal Democrat councillors

Ealing Liberal Democrats say their alternative budget would save £1m

Liberal Democrats in Ealing, who form the main opposition group on the Labour council, have put forward an alternative budget that they say would save £1 million.

Ealing Council recently announced their budget for the coming year, and set Council Tax at the maximum, with a 4.99% increase.

Ealing Lib Dems say “focusing on engaging permanent staff rather than relying on costly agency and contract staff would save at least a million a year” and “it would help more vulnerable residents, make Ealing cleaner, safer and greener as well as bring back ward forums.”

They say some of those savings could then be put towards supporting and assisting struggling families across Ealing through the Welfare Assistance Fund.

Councillor Gary Busuttil, Opposition Spokesperson on Finance and Resources for the Liberal Democrats, and a councillor in Southfield ward, said:

“The Liberal Democrats want to see Ealing Labour focus on being less wasteful and more inventive rather than lurching from one crisis to the next and relying on a windfall of £5m to help bail them out of the resulting mess at year end.

The Lib Dems would also like to introduce a “Go Green” scheme for local businesses to help “drive green business behaviours and value for money to address sustainability and reduced carbon challenge, which would have a direct impact with local businesses going forward.”

The Liberal Democrats have also proposed the reintroduction of local ward forums which have remained “dormant for the three years,” so that Ealing Labour can reallocate the funding which should be used for local project

They say: “This approach would sit alongside a newly created role of Neighbourhood Officer to enable a coordinated local approach with residents to improve the environment and safety of Ealing’s towns.”

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